Here’s a chart that will help determine the best size for your table. These sizes are flexible depending on the drop length you’d like. As a general rule, the longer the drop, the more formal the look. You’ll also want a longer drop when you prefer to hide the legs of the table (or the extra supplies you are stashing underneath).

For more recommendations, please email us at, we’d be happy to assist!

Have a request or need a custom size? Let us know and we may be able to create your perfect size on our next pattern run.


 Size Description Table Size
60" x 90" Perfect for a picnic table or rectangular tables that seat 4-6. Fits table length up to 6 ft.  Seats 4-8
60" x 108"
70" x 108"
Suitable for larger dining or patio tables, typically seating 6-8, and up to 10. Fits table length up to 7 ft. Seats 6-10
70" x 118"
80" x 115"
Our largest sizes, suitable for table lengths up to 8 ft. or for those wanting a longer drop on smaller tables. Seats 8-12
90" x 132"
90" x 156"
Perfect for full-drop coverage of pop-up tables in the backyard!
Seats 6-8
90" Round
A very flexible size, suitable for round tables up to 7 ft. The smaller the table, the longer the drop length. For 4 seater tables, the tablecloth will skirt the ground.
Seats 4-10
110" Round
For larger round tables, up to 9 ft, or for those looking for a more formal, full drop on 6-8 seater round tables.
Seats 6-12
111" Square For a high top cocktail event tables.